Walk & Talk Summer '24

Walk & Talk Summer '24
Photo by hej_lian / Unsplash

The Hague, 26th - 28th of July, 2024 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Dear flâneurs,

I want to start a Flâneurs Project tradition: a yearly get-together with community members and friends. And what better place welcome you than in the city in which I currently live: The Hague in The Netherlands (50 minutes away from Amsterdam).

A city known for being the International City of Peace and Justice, the home of the Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" painting, Escher's museum, and a city perfectly designed for walking (there's even a statue named "the flâneur"). There's a lot to discover on foot or on a bike in this city.

The purpose of this gathering is to meet other flâneurs and members of this small community and to engage in group conversations about what brings us joy and awe whilst traveling.

The schedule will allow for time to explore the city alone in the morning, with afternoons and evenings dedicated for group walks & group gatherings. A more detailed schedule will be shared in the next weeks. However, all the proposed group activities are optional, if you want to join just one or all of them is totally up to you.

Important things to know about:

  1. Your travel
  • You are responsible to find and purchase your plane / train tickets to The Netherlands and your own accommodation in The Hague. The closest airport is the Amsterdam Schiphol airport. From Schiphol airport to The Hague you can take a quick train (30 minutes).
  1. What to expect from me, your host
  • I will provide a curated list of all my favorite places in The Hague and around (Leiden, Delft, Amsterdam).
  • I will host two salons with the group that will join us in this experience, one at The Collector in The Hague (Friday night), and one (if we are a small group) at my home (Saturday night). The topics of the salons are not fixed in stone, but they will most probably be focused on "places and identity" and "places and awe".
  • I will organise two photowalks, one by the sea, and one in the city.
  • If people are interested, we can visit Leiden as well on Saturday morning and stroll through the food market. There are plenty of places to see in Leiden and even a famous "poetry walk": many buildings covered in poems in different languages.
  • All the participants will be added to a Whatsapp group where you can reach out if you need any support or recommendations.

If you are sure you can join us for this weekend in July, then please fill out this application.

Once your travel plans are confirmed, let me know, and I will add you to our Whatsapp group. I am not sure if just one or two people will join, or maybe more, but as this is the first time I organise something like this, there's a chance that the group will be quite small.

If you have any questions, book a call with me here, or write me on Twitter.